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William Desmond ORegan's Online Memorial Photo

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Memorial Biography

Doctor William Desmond “Des” O’Regan was born in Ormskirk, England on 21 October 1929. He went to school at Stonyhurst and excelled at sport, both in rugby and shooting. He later graduated as a medical general practioner at University College, Dublin. He first practiced in Ormskirk, married his wife Bertha Mary and had 5 children (Jerome, Kate, Simon, Desmond and Alan), before moving with his family to Cape Town, South Africa in 1965. He lived and practiced at Brampton Surgery in Claremont, Cape Town until he retired in his early 60s. After Bertha died in 1994, he lived an independent life maintaining his interests including birding, travel, charity work and the church. He died peacefully at home on 31 July 2017 and will be lovingly remembered by his family and friends.

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